When you're busy running a business, you usually don't have time to spot clean your surfaces, much less deep clean the entire facility. Moonlight Commercial Cleaning will leave no stone unturned when deep cleaning your property in the Kensington or Portsmouth,NH area.

We can stop by outside of regular business hours to...

Clean the grill and other kitchen equipment
Pressure wash high-traffic floors
Sanitize the bathrooms

We'll customize our deep cleaning services to meet your needs. Contact us today to make an appointment.

Your restaurant floors will be so clean that you could eat off them

The secret to sanitizing restaurant floors is a powerful steam cleaner - the extreme temperature can kill bacteria, lift stubborn stains and even cut through grease. When you rely on us for restaurant cleaning services, you can rest easy knowing your high-traffic surfaces will look like new.

Want us to use eco-friendly chemicals when cleaning your restaurant? Let us know when you make an appointment. Call 978-764-6340 now to speak with our team in Kensington, Portsmouth & Exeter, NH.