Building a home, an office space or a warehouse is a messy job, and the contractors likely left a lot of dust and debris behind. You don't have to lift a finger to clean up the construction site - Moonlight Commercial Cleaning provides construction debris removal services in the Kensington & Exeter, NH area.

Call 978-764-6340 now to find out when we can get started. Don't hesitate to ask for a free estimate on post-construction cleaning services.

We'll go the extra mile to clean your space

Although we focus on construction debris removal, we'll do more than just get rid of bulky materials. You can count on us to...

  • Dust every surface, including the walls
  • Clean the windows till they shine
  • Vacuum the floors

There won't be a particle of dust left when we finish the job. Reach out today to schedule post-construction cleaning services in the Kensington or Portsmouth, NH area.