It's Never Too Late to Start With a Clean Slate

Our commercial cleaning company in Kensington, Portsmouth & Exeter, NH can help you create a positive first impression

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how long you let dust gather on your desks and dirt collect in your carpets. Moonlight Commercial Cleaning of Kensington, Portsmouth & Exeter, NH can make your space look like new. We can provide you with commercial cleaning services to help you impress anyone who walks through the door.

Call 978-764-6340 now to make an appointment with our commercial cleaning company.

Going above and beyond since 2020

Since the day we opened, we've been setting the standard for commercial cleaning companies in the Kensington, NH area by...

  • Responding quickly to inquiries
  • Being available outside of regular business hours
  • Working hard to retain existing clients

Thanks to our 10+ years of experience, we can make quick work of jobs that would take other cleaners much longer. Allow us to clean your business facility - you won't regret it.