Owning an investment property is challenging enough - why should you have to be a vacation rental cleaner, too? Forget about cleaning your property once your guests leave. Hire Moonlight Commercial Cleaning of Kensington, Portsmouth & Exeter, NH to tidy the place up.

Once your guests leave, we can...

Take out the trash
Dust visible surfaces
Mop or vacuum the floors
Deep clean the bathrooms
Wipe down your appliances
Sanitize high-touch surfaces

We'll do whatever is needed to get the space ready for the next guests. Call 978-764-6340 now to schedule Airbnb cleaning services.

Our services won't cost a fortune

Maintaining a rental property in the Kensington, NH area can be costly. Luckily, cleaning your Airbnb won't cut into your profits.

Our vacation rental cleaners will work hard to earn your business. Reach out today to ask us for a free estimate.